Python-CAN CANSocket Wrapper.


alias of PythonCANSocket

class scapy.contrib.cansocket_python_can.PythonCANSocket(**kwargs: Dict[str, Any])[source]

Bases: SuperSocket

Initializes a python-can bus object as Scapy PythonCANSocket.

All provided keyword arguments, except basecls are forwarded to the python-can can_Bus init function. For further details on python-can check:


>>> socket = PythonCANSocket(bustype='socketcan', channel='vcan0', bitrate=250000)
close() None[source]

Closes this socket

desc = 'read/write packets at a given CAN interface using a python-can bus object'
nonblocking_socket: bool = True
recv_raw(x: int = 65535) Tuple[Optional[Type[Packet]], Optional[bytes], Optional[float]][source]

Returns a tuple containing (cls, pkt_data, time)

static select(sockets: List[SuperSocket], remain: Optional[float] = 0.05) List[SuperSocket][source]

This function is called during sendrecv() routine to select the available sockets.


sockets – an array of sockets that need to be selected


an array of sockets that were selected and the function to be called next to get the packets (i.g. recv)

send(x: Packet) int[source]