NOTICE This software/technical data was produced for the U.S. Government under Prime Contract No. NASA-03001 and JPL Contract No. 1295026 and is subject to FAR 52.227-14 (6/87) Rights in Data General, and Article GP-51, Rights in Data General, respectively. This software is publicly released under MITRE case #12-3054

class scapy.contrib.sdnv.SDNV(maxValue=4294967295)[source]

Bases: object

decode(ba, offset)[source]
class scapy.contrib.sdnv.SDNV2(name: str, default: Any, fmt: str = 'H')[source]

Bases: Field

SDNV2 field

addfield(pkt, s, val)[source]
getfield(pkt, s)[source]
class scapy.contrib.sdnv.SDNV2FieldLenField(name: str, default: Optional[Any], length_of: Optional[str] = None, fmt: str = 'H', count_of: Optional[str] = None, adjust: Callable[[Packet, int], int] = <function FieldLenField.<lambda>>)[source]

Bases: FieldLenField, SDNV2

addfield(pkt, s, val)[source]
class scapy.contrib.sdnv.SDNV2LenField(name: str, default: ~typing.Optional[~typing.Any], fmt: str = 'H', adjust: ~typing.Callable[[int], int] = <function LenField.<lambda>>)[source]

Bases: LenField, SDNV2

addfield(pkt, s, val)[source]
exception scapy.contrib.sdnv.SDNVValueError(maxValue)[source]

Bases: Exception