scapy.error module

Logging subsystem and basic exception class.

class scapy.error.ScapyColoredFormatter(fmt=None, datefmt=None, style='%')

Bases: logging.Formatter

A subclass of logging.Formatter that handles colors.


Format the specified record as text.

The record’s attribute dictionary is used as the operand to a string formatting operation which yields the returned string. Before formatting the dictionary, a couple of preparatory steps are carried out. The message attribute of the record is computed using LogRecord.getMessage(). If the formatting string uses the time (as determined by a call to usesTime(), formatTime() is called to format the event time. If there is exception information, it is formatted using formatException() and appended to the message.

levels_colored = {'CRITICAL': 'bold+white+bg_red', 'DEBUG': 'reset', 'ERROR': 'bold+red', 'INFO': 'reset', 'WARNING': 'bold+yellow'}
class scapy.error.ScapyFreqFilter

Bases: logging.Filter


Determine if the specified record is to be logged.

Is the specified record to be logged? Returns 0 for no, nonzero for yes. If deemed appropriate, the record may be modified in-place.

exception scapy.error.ScapyInvalidPlatformException

Bases: scapy.error.Scapy_Exception

exception scapy.error.Scapy_Exception

Bases: Exception

scapy.error.warning(x, *args, **kargs)

Prints a warning during runtime.