scapy.layers.msrpce package

[MS-RPCE] Remote Procedure Call Protocol Extensions

This module contains toolery to interact with Microsoft’s [MS-RPCE] (DCE/RPC) extensions.

It contains the following modules:

  • scapy.layers.msrpce.rpcclient: a MS-RPCE client

  • scapy.layers.msrpce.rpcserver: a MS-RPCE server

  • scapy.layers.msrpce.ept: DCE/RPC 1.1 endpoint mapper

  • scapy.layers.msrpce.mspac: [MS-PAC], the PAC in Kerberos packets

  • scapy.layers.msrpce.msnrpc: [MS-NRPC], a client and SSP

  • scapy.layers.msnpce.raw: raw RPC classes