scapy.layers.pflog module

PFLog: OpenBSD PF packet filter logging.

class scapy.layers.pflog.PFLog

Bases: scapy.packet.Packet

aliastypes = [<class 'scapy.layers.pflog.PFLog'>, <class 'scapy.packet.Packet'>]
fields_desc = [<Field (PFLog).hdrlen>, <Field (PFLog).addrfamily>, <Field (PFLog).action>, <Field (PFLog).reason>, <Field (PFLog).iface>, <Field (PFLog).ruleset>, <Field (PFLog).rulenumber>, <Field (PFLog).subrulenumber>, <Field (PFLog).uid>, <Field (PFLog).pid>, <Field (PFLog).ruleuid>, <Field (PFLog).rulepid>, <Field (PFLog).direction>, <Field (PFLog).pad>]

DEV: can be overloaded to return a string that summarizes the layer. Only one mysummary() is used in a whole packet summary: the one of the upper layer, # noqa: E501 except if a mysummary() also returns (as a couple) a list of layers whose # noqa: E501 mysummary() must be called if they are present.

payload_guess = [({'addrfamily': <AddressFamily.AF_INET: 2>}, <class 'scapy.layers.inet.IP'>), ({'addrfamily': <AddressFamily.AF_INET6: 10>}, <class 'scapy.layers.inet6.IPv6'>)]